Press brake HOL – 40 NC/2000

We offer precise sheet metal bending, production of sheet metal profiles with NC hydraulic press brake HOL 40.

Bending length - 2000 mm
Maximum bending thickness – 6 mm

To be used for sheet metal strips and plates. The press brake can be equipped with additional slats or devices that enable simultaneous bending of several parts, re-pressing or cutting out. The control unit UNITRONICS VISION V280 ensures necessary data and back stopper set up.

bodova zvaracka2TECNA spot welder

Joints made by spot welding are firm due to a high pressure applied on a relatively small area and high energy inputs in the form of electric current. The most important parameters in spot welding are:

  • Current
  • Resistance
  • Heat
  • Pressure

In spot welding both welding electrodes push the construction parts to each other. Then the welding current starts flowing. The contact resistance results in thermoelectric heating: The melt pool is formed.

Then the electric current stops flowing. A liquid material hardens and a firm joint is created. When the melt pool is cooled down, the pressure must be kept to avoid pore formation.

hydraulicke nozniceHACO HSLX 3006 hydraulic sheet metal shears

By entering type of material and thickness of sheet metal to be cut, the new SC90 control sets tilt angle and saw blade gap automatically.

The movable stopper driven by a servo-drive on a ball screw in combination with SC90 control enables the operator to set various required positions for several cuts in one sheet and to cut blades without the need to touch the control.

Cutting length - 3000 mm
Maximum thickness of cut sheet metal
- steel 6 mm
- stainless steel 3 mm

The holders in HSLX guillotine models have a hydraulic control. The holders have a separate hydraulic circuit with a separate pump. The pressure activated switch is used for the correct pressure setting.

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