Production, installation and repair of steel structures

  • Production and installation of spiral staircases, banisters, fences and entrance gates.
  • Production, installation and repair of aluminium and copper products, stainless steel materials (steel for food industry, A310 heat resistant stainless steel, A316 corrosion resistant stainless steel) and cast-iron products.
  • Repairs of industrial furnaces, hardening furnaces and phosphating lines.
  • Embedding anchors to secure structures.
  • Structures are paint coated or galvanized according to the customer's requirements.


  • We offer MIG and TIG welding.
  • Resistance spot welding, electric arc, coated electrode.
  • CO, electric arc welding in protective atmosphere.
  • Railway welding and repairs (state tests).

Plasma cutting

Up to 50 mm thick materials cut with the plasma torch.

Profile bending

  • Sheet metal bending
  • Production of up to 6 mm thick sheet metal profiles.

Sheet metal curling

Up to 6 mm thick sheet steel curling.

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